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Need Joy? 5 Ways Joy Draws Us Close to God

Joy Draws Us to God

Joy helps us draw near to God through knowing His presence, giving stability in trials, gaining a new perspective, trusting His strength, and believing God in a deeper way.The other day I felt discouraged. My mood matched the overcast skies. When I looked into the Word of God, I discovered more about choosing true joy; my attitude […]

Need A Better Perspective?

Need a Better Perspective?

When life gets confusing or unsettled, we need a better perspective on our situation. Advice from friends, family, or online resources may help, but there’s the possibility that we wouldn’t be drawn closer to God.The best source to seek a better perspective is through reading God’s Word. The Bible is a gift to us that can […]

5 Ways to Draw Near to God in Quietness

Draw Near to God in quietness

Quietness is hard to find. With the constant stream of information and music on the internet, the busyness of our lives, and impatience in our souls, quietness escapes us.The fast pace of life leaves us exhausted at the end of the day. We are emotionally worn out with little energy left for our important relationships. As […]