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Refuge in the Storms of Life

Refuge in the Storms

Refuge. A safe place where you can breathe a sigh of relief from the storm. A shelter or protection from danger or distress.Often we need protection from the storms we face in daily life, a place where we can regroup in the whirlwind of unexpected trials. A place where we can once again find hope.One way to […]

5 Eclipse Observations from the Backyard

5 Eclipse Observations

The solar eclipse is history. Previous solar events haven’t gotten all the media attention as the recent eclipse. This one got a lot of media attention because it transversed the entire United States.My previous solar eclipse experiences came to mind—recalling my dad checking The Old Farmer’s Almanac for information, watching it as a child through a pin hole […]

3 Ways Thankfulness Improves Perspective

thankfulness improves perspective

A mindset of thankfulness develops a better perspective.Do you need to improve your perspective of your situation? Have you become disillusioned with your relationships or disappointed in your job? Discouragement, disillusionment, and disappointment rob us of our joy and darken our outlook.Consider improving your perspective through 3 benefits of thankfulness.Thankfulness helps me resist a sense of […]